cant unlock speed Cecotec Bongo Serie A

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cant unlock speed Cecotec Bongo Serie A

Postby leo0000 Sun Sep 24, 2023 4:36 pm

Hello guys,
as title, there is no P3 or P4 options in the secret menu. i even tried the press brake + options trick but to no avail.
I tried using the HX Scooter app to update the firmware, but it appears as the app doesnt recognize the scooter.
My guess is that if i tried to mask the scooter MAC address with a known HX X7 scooter, then i would be able to update the firmware.
another idea i came up with was to use a proxy to intercept and edit the packet sent to the HX server so i can replace the MAC address.
Or patching the app in some way so it always shows the scooter with the correct address.

D8:66:C6:09:96:B6 is a known valid X7 Scooter MAC address.
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Re: cant unlock speed Cecotec Bongo Serie A

Postby Ganjer Tue Nov 21, 2023 8:53 pm

Hii, any progress with the bongo? I may can help I have one and I considerare to unlimit the speed. But you are right, the proxy idea I think should work. Just for brain storming.. maybe is posible to connect the bongo to the PC with android for developer and somehow hack the cecotec's app?
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Re: cant unlock speed Cecotec Bongo Serie A

Postby ClaudeLang Wed Dec 06, 2023 1:43 am


The HX Scooter App is not updating the firmware for you. You are unable to see the P3 and P4 options in the secret menu of the scooter. You've tried different methods, such as the press brake + button trick, without success.

You mentioned that you could mask the scooter's MAC so it could update its firmware. You suggest that a proxy be used to intercept the packets sent to the server HX and replace the MAC addresses.

You can try the following steps if you need help:

- Check to see if the scooter you have supports P3 or P4 features. There may be limitations in the hardware or software.

- Ask the manufacturer or community forum if there are other ways to update firmware.

- You should be aware of the consequences and risks involved in modifying the data packets that are sent to the server. This could violate the terms and conditions of use, and put your scooter at risk.

Modifying the firmware is a risky process and must be handled with care to prevent damage. I wish you the best of luck in solving your issue.

All the best,
Claude pumpkin panic

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