Ninebot G30e ii brcked after software backdate.

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Ninebot G30e ii brcked after software backdate.

Postby Henrivonsteen Sun Sep 18, 2022 1:15 pm

Good day

I bricked my scooter and would really appreciate any help.

I downloaded the scooter hacking utility android app. The app advised that the software was either updated or from a new model and would need to be backdated. I selected OK to proceed. After a few seconds the scooter switched off and the app disconnected. And now my scooter is dead.

When I press the button it beeps once, but nothing happens.

If I keep the power button in the display indicators flash randomly on and off. I can then see the scooter bluetooth appear but the app won't connect.

Xiao flasher app will connect, but I cant change any settings.

If anyone is willing to guide me I will really appreciate it. Although I am obviously a noob with scooters I learn quickly.

My scooter was bought in europe two days ago. I am from South Africa. Nobody here knows anything about scooters.

Ninebot G30e ii
Production year 2022

Please help.
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Re: Ninebot G30e ii brcked after software backdate.

Postby shivaOHM Fri Sep 23, 2022 6:32 am


To the fact, your scooter was produced in 2022, im pretty sure u got the New Controller v3.1. now your controller is "Dead" and won't work anymore. (You can bring it alive, but not with normal human skills) 😂 .. you have to change yours against a V3.0 controller from the older fabricates. While doing this, u need to change the motor connectors as well, they updated the connectors too on the new controller. Good luck.

Edit: im sorry for you. Seems like u didnt read carefully before doing software stuff to your scooter.

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