Tutorial!!! SNSC 2.3 Aka Ninebot Max Plus conversion

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Re: Tutorial!!! SNSC 2.3 Aka Ninebot Max Plus conversion

Postby FlashXUps Sun Dec 11, 2022 6:55 am

Hey no need to take apart battery, if you have the gps cable, just connect like i said, if you dont have it or whatever you need to flash via STLink via the pinout you sent, just be aware you need to enter SWIM mode on your STLink or how its called and you need a hex file, no fulldump or whatever, just search it here: https://files.scooterhacking.org/firmware/
Just use a Ninebot Max G30 File, to my knowledge it should be flashable, but if you end up bricking the BMS somehow please tell me so i can update the tutorial :)
Hope this helps
Do you know if this method will work if the rental company applied "write protection" to the BMS?
I have ran into this problem on several batteries from this one particular rental company located here in the US. I have found a couple work-arounds, one method even includes a BMS board swap with a clean board purchased from AliExpress. But for the sake of using the parts that came with the scooter, I would love to know how well this method works with the extra layer of security
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Re: Tutorial!!! SNSC 2.3 Aka Ninebot Max Plus conversion

Postby CDogg Tue Dec 13, 2022 11:34 am


Hey, unfortunately this isn’t possible, stock software on G30 doesn’t work via GPS cable, i think the Voi scooters have the only plug‘n play ones, there isn’t even a Pinout on these Dash‘s, just random solder pads all over the board, just rewire a G30 Max Cable, and it should work.
I figured as much and I'm probably not going to win the battle for useable hardware, but what I'm actually wanting to know is, for the sake of keeping this scooter pure, and also because I'm a curious cheapskate, how can we flash this expensive looking IOT dash with the stock firmware so at least the core display works for the ESC?
By all similar procedures for the original dash flash on the SNSC models, we connected the ST-Link to the I/O pin, clk, 5v and ground. Then by running the openOCD file for the fulldump and viola! Another bird could be set free (or kept as a pet).
If someone is willing to give this dash the ol college try and figure out a firmware for this dash, I have an extra one or two I can send for testing.

Hmm, mind posting a picture to verify we are talking about the same Dash?
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Re: Tutorial!!! SNSC 2.3 Aka Ninebot Max Plus conversion

Postby scooterdreams Mon Dec 26, 2022 6:45 pm

Hi !

Thank you for your good job ! :)

Do you have a solution (or a binary file for flashing the BMS) for a Ninebot battery of 27900mah / 1004wh / 36v ???
The BMS cut the power after 1 second of use... it's the Ninebot protection ! :)

Thank you so much !
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Re: Tutorial!!! SNSC 2.3 Aka Ninebot Max Plus conversion

Postby perfectlyslice Mon Jan 09, 2023 2:48 am

Can someone please tell me the serial number i need for bypassing the 29700 battery!

You will need to reflash the BmS, i will get one of these batteries soon with good BmS flash, they need a special file which is only available to Internals at rental companies, but i will share my file as soon as i get it!!!

Btw the BMS is spot welded on the Nickel strips of the Battery.
Have you received it yet? Can you share with us?coreball
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Re: Tutorial!!! SNSC 2.3 Aka Ninebot Max Plus conversion

Postby Carl291283 Tue Jan 24, 2023 6:47 pm

Hi i am new to the forum  and hope iv got this post in the right place i got my son a scooter from a scrap yard thay had 2 of them the one I got had the original battery and I got the dashboard and tracker black box of the other scooter will this still work and has you can see ther is no power button on the dashboard and it has 4 leds i have looked at some videos and one video tells you to remove the cheap on the back then another video tells you to remove the c2 chip  I believe is a voi ninebot max  plus snsc 2.3.2 have i got that correct  it has the black box on the stem of the bars  and the battery is ther only when i look at other scooters telling you how to convert them into a personal scooter some of parts look different to the one i got my son has like where the battery is on some of them i have seen a i think it is a esc correct me if i'm wrong i just want to know am i correct on the model of the scooter i have and does your procedure in converting to a personal scooter the same procedure as what you have greatly put together  and do I have  a cp2102 usb to  ttl and I have a st link I have looked over and over sites after site one site tells you to do it one way and then other sites tells you to do it a different way so don't really no wot to do I fink I have managed to flash the esc  with 126 fulldump then i have looked at videos and it says to copy 1 address to another address could really do with some help so I can get this working for my son if I do manage to do it I will do a video so it will help other people do this more easily hope to hear from someone soon I don't mind paying someone if can help me with it..thanks..

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