Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby ms_Chris Sun Dec 22, 2019 1:25 am

Thanks sdragon for the detailed instructions, they are much better and clear.

The only two things I would add are:

- my scooter's original SN was N4GCExxxxxx, not N4GCDxxxxxx. I couldn't change the SN to N4GSDxxxxxx using the sendcmd function, the scooter wouldn't accept it. I had to use N4GSExxxxxx and then the scooter would accept the change. Could be a regional difference, I live in Australia.

- After I flashed the DRV777.bin.enc file, I still managed to change the SN without having the button pressed constantly. The scooter was non-responsive to any commands after I flashed the file, so I turned it off and back on (keeping the button pressed), and managed to send the command and finish the flashing process to DRV126. This worked for me using the Ninebot flasher method, so may not work with the Android method.
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby haxus Wed Dec 25, 2019 12:25 pm

I cannot confirm that the Android (with es dashboard) method is either working with 1.2.1 nor with 1.26 to change s/n and also also not the FW. Non of the given tools is giving any error, however neither S/n nor FW changes.

Has anyone got the android method get to work? What am I doing wrong?

The windows method I could not test as I missing a BT 4.0 dongle
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby MikeLite Thu Dec 26, 2019 12:57 pm

Same here, Android changing SN dont work.
Only Win10 Pc with Bluetooth and Ninebot Flasher.
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby Sven Fri Dec 27, 2019 9:55 pm


My scooter is a Max G30D, with the official 1.2.6 Update.

I´ve successfull changed the Serial Number and was able to flash CFW´s. So, many thanks to the Team of

The way to the CFW´s was: flashing Dash with BLE555 -> DRV777 -> change Seriel with the "magic serial" -> DRV126 -> CFW
This all works fine, thanks a lot!!!

But now i have a question: it is possible to change the serial number a second or third one?

I´ve tried it in many ways, here a short overview:

- very simple by trying to change in Ninebot Flasher (the old method with only changing the sn in clear letters)
- trying to change in Ninebot Flasher with Bluetooth commands
- flashing back to DRV777 and trying to change (like by the first change)

I´ve tried all with a Max BLE555 Dash and an ESx Dash. With both i can flash DRV´s and CFW´s, so that must be OK.
When it was possible, i´ve tried the method with Ninebot Flasher and also the Android way with Bluetooth Terminal (i know, different codes and generators).
Never i had a error message. it seems ok, but never changes the serial.

The tested serials:

the Magic SN: N4GSD1111C1234 to N4GCD1938C0411
the original: N4GECxxxxCxxxx to N4GCCxxxxCxxxx

Nothing was accepted by the scooter. After all, the actual serial is the N4GSD1111C1234.

What´s my fault?

Please, can someone from the professionals help me?

Regards and thank a lot!!!
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby darth Sat Dec 28, 2019 2:03 pm

Hello. After many attempts to change SN, I finally do it.
I noticed that after flashing DRV777 apps says "success", but version shacking still show drv126. And scooter doesn't accept new SN.
But, after another attempt to flash dtv777, app show drv ver 133, and And scooter successfully accept new SN.
in a successful attempt used:
-full reg command generator (make SN N4GSD1111C**** with original digits at the end)
-android apps
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby Sven Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:30 pm

Darth is right.
I have tried it many times (after flashing back to drv777). I've used Android. And after I have send the code several times, it has changed. After I have changed the serial to C (25kmh) I was able to flash cfw (without touching the top speed value) and all changes were accepted. Great!!! Now I have my configuration 😀👍
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby bigrizz Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:06 am

Sadly, I'm one of the people that has tried many (20+ times) times to flash DRV777 using Win10 and ninebot-flasher and, despite ninebot-flasher showing success, the version is unchanged. Yes, I held my finger on the button the whole time. I also tried a few times with Android and the same result. Shows success but remains unchanged. It just never switches over to anything other than DRV126. I'm pulling my hair out. I don't really understand why it shows success and yet the version remains unchanged.

I'm giving up for now. Hopefully someone comes out with a more reliable method sometime soon. Otherwise, I just blew my money on an original ESx dash. Is it possible my dash is actually fake and that's why it's not working? I bought it on Amazon and the seller's previous feedback says it's original. The box says the same but that could be faked.
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby htidwell1970 Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:51 am

So I flashed to 126 and then flashed the much smaller spoofBLE file of that (the one charles sent to someone on discord). Assumption being that since it was so much smaller than the full_ble file it must be a short subset of tweaks and meant to be installed additively not after a full wipe since it seems to lack all of the instructions contained in full_ble.

The thread on the "speed hack" never seems to follow through with what CFW variables to tweak after you get the serial changed - it kind of leaves off at the serial number assuming it common knowledge what to do after that... So after 10 or so flashes of tweaked CFW files containing every logical variation I could fathom.... I'm still unable to break 15MPH (god save the queen I'm rolling Imperial as its a more common reference from my life experience).

esx DASH on a max with orange downtube no pink on the stink.

Nothing... not love or money... seems to be able to break me from this 15mph curse. Today was my first ride on the max - I love the suspension (ok the tires) I don't feel like I'm on a skateboard about to get railed into a crack in the road arriving at destination sweaty palmed and exhausted from the amount of sensory acuity required to navigate an esx safely at high speed... constant checking rechecking maintaining safe braking buffer, assuming every parked car door will open outward into my path, assuming every alley or intersecting path contains an idiot running the light or just trying to kill me in general. constant pothole/sinkhole checking etc... wide eyed and multiprocessing like whoa.

but for me 15mph poses another safety issue.... I grew up riding suzuki sport bikes, GSXRs and in Texas and California the best defense is sometimes some offence... going fast and staying out of harms way is considered by my peers as a best practice. Being hit from behind or blind sided is much more likely than being unable to avoid a head on collision. usually - when you're the fastest object on the playing board you have some control. Until you almost shit your pants when out of the blue a Hayabusa or R1 shoots past your 90mph with some 130mph nahnahnah... Being nimble and able to disengage from a dick that's tailgating or veeering too close by removing yourself from their space with some vrroom and resetting in what feels a more isolated lane seems like a positive to me.

The max was so slow (after 2 months of 22mph es4) that it was feeling like a liability. I almost missed 2 of the items on my to do list - junk yards with hard closing times across town. And when I tried to proactively step away from congestion or shady traffic situations I ended up zigging when I should have zagged and getting honked at... I felt vulnerable. I just have to rethink and readjust to these settings.

2 other points about my max... I generally set mpc to 26000 per El Dutchy and not only could I not break 15 - the motor seemed to whirrr much more than ESX models and there was very little post acceleration coasting... in fact I didn't have to use brake much at all - not pressing go resulted in rapid deceleration. So at first my slow speed movements seemed choppy - push and pull back with little residual momentum. I tried setting max speed not setting max speed just MPC and then just throttle based algo - and variations in between at least 10 different CFW versions. 15 is a brick wall I could not hurdle. I'm going back to 2 strokes fuck this noise.

ok fine I'm not.

dumfounded, defeated, depressed, and probably just dumb,
I wish there was an EV equivalent to WOT, ...possibly what I miss the most about petroleum based engines. Using that word.
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby bigrizz Tue Dec 31, 2019 4:27 am

Ok, finally progress from my previous post. I found this post (viewtopic.php?f=26&t=214#p1167) that got me going again. I was indeed getting the error 14 and 15 but thought nothing of it as I only had the dash and not the whole assembly connected to the brake and throttle. So according to that post, the firmware flash won't complete until you spoof the brake and throttle connectors with resistors. The post describes the process perfectly. So I went out and bought a couple of 5k linear potentiometers and followed the process. After that, the flashing worked first time. Like @ms_Chris in his post above, I did have to turn the dash off and on again after flashing to DRV777 to get the serial number to take. After that, flashed a CFW and everything is working well so far.

Hopefully this saves someone hours of mucking about, like I did.
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Re: Change Max serial number after DRV126 update

Postby tallas Wed Jan 01, 2020 12:15 am

I have a spin ninebot max. It is super slow. It's serial starts with N4LPL. Will updating this get me a faster top speed?

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