Question on hacking the Ninebot MAX

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Question on hacking the Ninebot MAX

Postby powerarm Tue Dec 22, 2020 12:58 am

Hi, I've been reading on the Ninebot MAX hacks. I have yet to buy a Ninebot and I'm trying to understand the benefits of one model over the other. Amazon currently has two models- the G30 (Original) and G30LP which is the black and gray one and that one is $200 cheaper. The G30 has a range of 40 mi while the G30LP only has 28: ... B08C143ZDW

Scenario 1- just hacking the model as is with a firmware update
Is there any benefit to purchasing the G30 to hack vs the G30LP? Does purchasing G30 give me more reliability/longevity or added benefits (such as higher top speed and better torque) outside of range if I am speed hacking it just by doing the firmware update?

Scenario 2- upgrading to a 48V battery
Does it matter if I'm purchasing a G30, G30LP, or should I just purchase used Ninebot MAX and it will be the same if I am doing the 48V battery upgrade? Do other components get worn out from the upgrade aside from the battery?
For those of you that have upgraded, how much heavier does the scooter get?
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Re: Question on hacking the Ninebot MAX

Postby antoinesud Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:10 am

Don’t buy the G30LP. the range is literally half. The range of the original. Spend the extra money otherwise you will get fed up with running out of power quickly. I know because I got rid of my LP after a month as it was a a very poor range and I was sick of always worrying about running out of charge.

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