G30 48V/Gen2 w/VESC

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G30 48V/Gen2 w/VESC

Postby shatty Sun Mar 14, 2021 7:02 am

I have a Max with a 48V battery and Gen2 motor. Tired of blowing ESCs. So I converted to VESC. All works but motor. There is no torque and when doing Auto Detect it shakes and bangs then spins slowly. I checked Hall Sensors. I checked all 3 phases. Im wondering if motor has to be setup manually or phase wires are not in right order. What are the right phase a b c colors? And also hall wires. Which ones are H1,H2,H3? Cant find info about this ANYWHERE. When I test the hall sensors, I am not getting anywhere close to 5v from them. I attached 5V to the red and ground to ground of a 5v USB. I put the black probe of my meter on the ground and red of meter probe on each hall wire and I get under 1V when I turn it and then it settles to zero. Each one does the same. But then I did another test with diode mode and that comes out right.

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