(TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot F-series (F20, F25, F30, F40) to 30 km/h (18.6 mph)

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(TUT) Unlocking the Ninebot F-series (F20, F25, F30, F40) to 30 km/h (18.6 mph)

Postby F0xMaster Tue May 18, 2021 5:57 pm

As we know, some F-series scooters are locked to 20 and 25 km/h. In this guide I will show u how to unlock your f-series scooter models, so that they go 30 km/h. Even if you have an F25.
Important info
Check your local PEV laws and regulations before attempting anything shown in this guide. We can not be held responsible for your actions, if what you're doing turns out to be illegal in your country.
This guide only works on official f-series Ninebot firmware, if you tried unlocking your scooter with custom firmware from third party sites you blocked your ability to use this method.
This guide only applies to F-series scooters (F20, F25, F30, F40).
Methods shown in this guide are 100% safe for both the phone/tablet and the scooter since they don't require any software mods.
Please read the entire guide before posting any replies.
Methods shown in this guide MAY void the warranty. Change the serial number (region) BACK TO ORIGINAL if you need to send it in for warranty. You can find it on the sticker below the deck. If you don't change the serial number back to original, Segway might void your warranty.
For any support please visit https://scooterhack.in/discord
No CFW generator exists for the F-series scooters as of moment of wriring, please don't use any other ones as they may brick your scooter if used on an F-series device.

  • An Android 5 or higher phone or tablet with Bluetooth 5.0 or higher
  • Ninebot F-series scooter
  • The ScooterHacking Utility app
  • At least one hand :)
The guide

Step 1 - Download ScooterHacking Utility from https://utility.cfw.sh/ (Play store) | http://utility.cfw.sh/apk (APK)
Step 2 - Turn on your scooter, and connect to it via SHU


Step 3 - Scroll down to the "Tools" section, and seclect "Change region"


Step 4 - Select "Global - F40" in the model selection menu.


Step 5 - The scooter will reboot, you'll notice the serial number and region will change.


If everything was done correctly, the scooter should now go 30 kph on 'sport' mode. Enjoy :)

Donation links:
Lothean (SH Utility dev, owner of ScooterHacking) - https://scooterhack.in/donate
Fox Master (Me - the author) - https://scooterhack.in/donatefox

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