Ninebot-S (mini/pro) Speed Hack

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Ninebot-S (mini/pro) Speed Hack

Postby NeyzenTevfik Sun Sep 04, 2022 5:40 pm

I have this auto balancing scooter (ninebot-s) but it's max speed is set to 19km/h (at full charge) is it possible to make it 30 km/h?
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Re: Ninebot-S (mini/pro) Speed Hack

Postby CDogg Sun Jan 22, 2023 9:36 am

Short answer: Yes.

However, you should know the minipro has a higher speed when you attach it to the GoKart kit where I believe it can go almost a full 20mph.
Which means that connecting it to the kit, allows it to go faster. I've been looking all around for the information on tricking the miniPro into thinking the Gokart is attached full time.

The other option for the miniPro and S is to check more4motion and have them flash the SwallowBot firmware for $100. I hope a programmer or engineer will eventually leak the flash process for the miniPRo because giving my money to the Russians to get Swallowbot makes my stomach turn.. (looking at you Lothean ;)

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