SNSC1.0 dashboard circuit replace/reprogram/hotwire?

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SNSC1.0 dashboard circuit replace/reprogram/hotwire?

Postby dhscholtus Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:44 pm

Hello everybody. Im a technician EU and since im getting more and more interested in these little scooters im having a few questions about a 9bot snsc1.0 model on wich i got my hands and is a legit To personal project

Ive seen that from the battery/controlboard 1 single cable with 5 small cables/connections in it l, goes up to the dashboard. So getting the scooter to work or activated doesnt seem really complicated to me. Does anyone know where on the circuitboard i can short some part to ground to get it activated? Simulating/emulating what the simcard usually does to activate the scooter. Is there any possibilty that way?

If not i guess i have to go replace the dasgboard for a es4 normale round type of board or reprogram the existing one wich leads me to the nxt question,
Has anyone already soldered the st link usb tool to This type of dashboard to flash a cfw or original FW ?
I DID FOUND 2 places on the dash circuitboard where 4 small holes are clearly setup for this purpose, the are indicated MCU and ICP_BT.

Also i was wondering if the controllerboard next to the battery also needs a activation signal coming from the dashboard/simcard before being able to work or does the blocking and unblocking happens only on the dashboard circuit board?

Thanks in avance. Also it would be great if the wiki would work to get my hands on real technical documentation ... 4cjILMtjTA
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Re: SNSC1.0 dashboard circuit replace/reprogram/hotwire?

Postby Lothean Sun Sep 01, 2019 11:18 pm

Please read the available documentation. Locked.

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