[Mod] Ninebot ES/SNSC trace cut

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[Mod] Ninebot ES/SNSC trace cut

Postby Neo Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:20 pm


Here's the trace cut mod. A hardware modification that will allow you to put two batteries in series as opposed to parallel. Explicitely, we're gaining speed as opposed to range.

WARNING! Before doing this, ensure you have the following:
_ A real mechanical brake, other than the foot brake.
_ Replaced motor connectors
_ Soldering equipment
_ A multimeter with continuity mode
_ Soldering skills
_ Use a full-face helmet and adequate protection while riding a scooter that has this mod. We're far from the original hardware. :!: :!: :!:

I'm not gonna go over and explain how to take apart the scooter, there's already plenty of tutorials out there.
Mod was done on an ES2.

Step 1: Cut the trace
Once the ESC is out, you need to cut the trace that will allow us to put a battery in series.


To cut the trace, you will need to heat it up with your soldering iron and use a soldering pump (no pic, sorry!). To cut it, use any blade like a razor blade, or a scalpel. To check whether the trace is really cut, use a multimeter in continuity mode. You will need to cut the trace until there is no more connection and until there's a reasonable insulation distance.

Step 2: Reinforce power tracks near the MOFSETs
We need to add more tin to the tracks so that they can carry more power. Take a lot of tin, and take your time!


Step 3: Solder the capacitor and the XT60
You need to add 4 220uF 100V capacitors following the attached diagram. Be careful, they are polarized. Connecting them the wrong way will result in an explosion. Pay attention to their diameter as they need to fit inside the enclosure.
After you added the first two capacitors, add an XT 60 cable.


You can now solder the two remaining capacitors.


Step 4: feeding the XT60 cable through the stem
Drill a hole big enough for the XT60 to fit above the stem screws.


You can now reassemble the stem.


Step 5: Choosing the right battery and wiring it
With the current modification, you can only use a 4S battery max. To go further, you would need to change the MOSFETS (with IRFB4110). I've used a 4S2P Turnigy of 5200mAh so the same capacity as the internal one (10S2P: 36V 5200mAh).
To summarize, we upgrade from a 36V (10S) battery to a 52V (14S).


You need to charge both batteries separatly. Make sure all cells are balanced. Plug them both batteries when their voltages are equal.
If you want to continue using the scooter without the mod, just shunt the XT60


Don't forget to protect the battery!


Using ESMaxFree, Expo 1 bat., you reach 50km/h very quikcly. Haven't tried with all money.
Be careful using your scooter !!
If you have any questions, leave them below!
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Re: [Mod] Ninebot ES/SNSC trace cut

Postby Lothean Mon Oct 28, 2019 11:32 pm

Copied from French, translated.
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Re: [Mod] Ninebot ES/SNSC trace cut

Postby colonelkernel Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:35 am

50km/h? That's insane. Is there a parts list? Is it attached to the steering rod like the modular battery from banana science? Will it recharge with the scooter when its plugged in? Does it replace the external battery, or can you have it on at the same time? Really amazed at this

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