ES4 Internal and External Battery Discharges Unevenly.

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ES4 Internal and External Battery Discharges Unevenly.

Postby Milli5410 Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:06 am

Howdy Yall
Ive been have vary frustrating time with this Ninebot ES4 Scooter. The problem I've been having on my ES4 is that the internal battery discharges more quickly than the external battery. I am running on a clone controller on the scooter with a flashed link control board.

Some more info on my problems over time:

The External battery became loose causing an error 42, and the internal and external battterys begins to discharge unevenly. At times the external battery would show up on the app but at 0%. but I saw on the forms that was probably caused by a loose connection. so I bought a new bracket, but that did not solve the two batteries discharging unevenly.
Solved: got new bracket.
Did not solve: the battery discharging unevenly.
Possible damage caused: Seems like the external battery female plugs are kinda burned aswell.

After around 66% percent the internal battery begins to discharge unevenly to around 10% deference between the internal and external battery. causing the scooter to lower the top speed of the scooter. ive taken apart the controller a few times to see if and traces are beginning to burn, but so far the clone board has been holding up. But I still can't help to think the controller is causing the battery problems. has any one else had this problem before and solved it.

I have no doubt that it could be caused by high use. Ive gone 1000 mi on the scooter so far in just a few months.

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