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Postby BST123 Sat Oct 17, 2020 2:46 am

In need of some help with some Ninebot ES4 Lime ex rental scooters i have acquired from auction.

Half of them do not charge, so guessing the batteries are no good but the other half are charging fine after they are left overnight, the charger keeps flashing between red and green at the start, but when i went back to the scooters the external batteries show full.

Once charged the displays have to be removed to take out a small plastic stopper which stops the power button contacting with the button on the display board.
Once this is done they turn on but just beep, there is nothing showing on the display.
Ideally want to get them to work as a normal retail scooter, i'm aware i need to flash the control board and may need firmware and extra tools to do the job.

All advice is highly appreciated
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Re: LIME EX RENTAL SCOOTER // Ninebot Lime ES4 // ProTips

Postby ProtoSkutR Fri Oct 30, 2020 3:02 pm

Some pro tips:

The ES4 external batteries can be charged INDEPENDENTLY, disconnected completely from the rest of the scooter.
--> This will result in a flashing RED and GREEN charging light.

Similarly, a completely dead battery (external and/or internal) may exhibit the EXACT same issue.
--> The internal battery must have a few percent charge to power the ESC, otherwise the external battery TRIES to power it on, but it auto switches off. So if the internal battery is dead, it will have some odd symptoms.
--> Disassemble, look at the battery light: OFF = bad, Blinking Red = Charging, Slow Blink Blue = Normal, Fast Blue = Operational)

When there is an issue between ES4 external battery and ESC (the 2 power/4 BMS pins), the power may not flow from the charger --> external batt --> BMS charge pins --> ESC. This can result is similar symptoms.

Older/dying Batteries can sometimes be 'jumped' back into life with a higher voltage/charger, used briefly, very briefly.
--> I have yet to experiment with the ninebot batteries and resurrecting them.
--> I think the Ninebot notes say make sure charged every 3-6months, full charge/discharge, or they die off. Ideally every month.
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Postby bettycooper Thu Jul 07, 2022 3:49 am

So, I got myself a few Lime scooters to try and rent on the side while testing new things. They’re Lime scooters so they’re quite cheap and easy to operate. However, there are some things you need to know before renting them. foodleTo start with, they’re not really reliable. Like, at all. You can first notice that their batteries don’t charge overnight or when you expect it to (but be prepared for this because if the battery doesn’t charge overnight it won’t charge at all unless u run the scooter). This is especially frustrating because during the day when you want to use them you can’t because of this issue. If your battery doesn’t charge overnight then you have about 15 minutes of operation time until it runs out of power games

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