ES4 top speed questions. it brakes at 21mph?

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Re: ES4 top speed questions. it brakes at 21mph?

Postby michachael Fri Sep 20, 2019 10:39 am

Good afternoon all,

I am facing the same challenge with my ES2 + external battery pack.
The last config in cfw (1.3.9) is hacks in speed (38km/h), battery power 42000 and kers low. Alternative acceleration logarithm deactivated.

This morning I experienced a less brutal breaking than before, but speed was kind a like unstable. On the flat I got to 34km/h before the scooter slowed down in a quite soft manner. Downhill it braked to 32.

So any other experiences with a comparable config so far?
I'm sorry to go a bit off topic, but I am hoping you can help me as you have the same setup as me (ES2 with extenral pack). Trying to get past the 25km/h, but unsuccesful so far.

-ES2Lite but changed serial number to a ES2, format N2GTX1111C0077 >> Do you have similar SN format?
-Custom firmware 5.5.1 (1.5.1) with max speed 34KMH and motor power 49000
-BME v 141 >> Do you also have this BME version?
-BLE v 104
-External battery

Thank you!

What I did so far:

1) Flashed with custom firmware with EGDOWNG v151 with speed 34km/h and motor power 49000
2) Changed the SN to a ES2 SN with windows app Ninebot Flasher -> I am getting 25km/h now with the external battery, as a standard ES4 should do.
3) Flashed the eBMS and the BMS with v141, which I downloaded from the scooterhacking website
4) Tried the CFW 139 with flashed eBMS and BMS 136, but also stuck at 25km/h. No difference.

When both batteries are fully charged, I am hitting 25-27km/h. I feel like the scooter wants to go higher but there is a slight automatic brake every now and then, preventing the scooter to go faster. It's like there is a software limit set at this speed. I even get 'pushed' a bit like in a rollercoast (brake-accelerate-brake-accelerate), however very very subtle, going from 25kmh to 26kmh, back to 25kmh, again to 26-27kmh, ...
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Re: ES4 top speed questions. it brakes at 21mph?

Postby Lothean Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:03 pm

Topic is pointless, you won't reach higher speeds until you either increase the supply voltage (yep, speed is limited by voltage; which explains why the top speed can reduce when the battery voltage gets lower) or increase the wheel size.
This is exactly what I wrote before. The Question ist: How to increase the supply voltage to get more speed?

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