Cannot flash Xiaomi M365

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Cannot flash Xiaomi M365

Postby Janos Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:08 am

Hi all
A friend got hit by a car with his M365 and i am trying to help him with the repair.
After the accident, when the motor was smashed out and cables cut, the controller went faulty, completely dead, 5V line in short, etc.
We bought a new one and after fixing the mechanical problems, we made the connections.
On the dashboard, after powering on, all the led went on, switching off one by one fast, doing this 2 times.
After this, the last white led stayed on, blinking.
I read somewhere that it might be a mismatch between the BLE and the DRV, so i tried an upgrade.
With downG i flashed a plain vanilla 140 firmware for the DRV.
This apparently fixed it. I could connect with third party apps, but still no connection with the Xiaomi Home.
The scooter had version 070 of BLE, so i thought, let's try to go one version up.
I did this with the Scooterhacking utility, selected LOAD FROM REPO and selected BLE081
Flashing went OK, I can still connect with third party apps, now also with Xiaomi Home.
The Xiaomi Home keeps offering a firmware update ( I am still at version 140), but i never updated through the Xiaomi App.
Problem now is the following:
After flashing the DRV, i don't have anymore the Sport mode. I have only ECO and Normal.
I thought that I should try a modified firmware, or at least a newer one, but i have a problem.
Although the scooter connects with the Scooterhacking utility or downG, and i can read info, i cannot flash anything.
When I try, the flashing process does not start and after a long time, I get the following error:

"Flashing failed
Update failed!
Reason: Max retries

Power cycling your phone & vehicle
might help"

Of course i tried power cycle a number of times but no joy.
Please help me to fix this problem.
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Re: Cannot flash Xiaomi M365

Postby misiozol Wed Jun 22, 2022 9:59 am

Use ST-link
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Re: Cannot flash Xiaomi M365

Postby Janos Thu Jun 23, 2022 8:49 pm

Thank you for your answer.
If i get an ST-link, what should i flash? If i get it right, i need to connect directly to the controller, this means that i need to flash the DRV?

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