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M365 Pro Controller Replacement Issues

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 8:47 pm
by PMChr97
For those out there that have expertise and experience in replacing Xiaomi/Ninebot controller boards:

So my scooter's controller board got fried when braking down a steep hill, and I just managed to replace it. However, some strange issues still remain: The motor works fine now. I can connect to it with the Mi Home app, and all the numbers in there looks good. Looks like its entirely functional.

However: the display always shows 0 km/h speed, and it only lets me choose between ECO and D. The battery indicator is just a single blinking red bar, even though the app says 80%.
When i try to flash a custom firmware, using M365_downG on Android, it will connect to the scooter, but when I tap "check ver" and "batt_info", nothing happens. It says its checking, and freezes there.

My research online says I have to activate the new controller, by changing its serial number (or something), and the manual included with the controller indicates the same (shitty chinese English).
How do I do this? The guide I found for the Ninebot scooters wont work on mine (the windows app freezes like on android).

Guide i mentioned:

Anyone with some knowledge that could help me out?

So I drove it for a few km, and its totally functional, besides the display showing 0 kmh and a red blinking battery. Because of the fact that the display thinks its low on battery, im unable to use Sport mode.

Update #2:
BMS firmware version is 1.2.6, and I was using custom firmwares before the board fried, so my last firmware build is still there.

Re: M365 Pro Controller Replacement Issues

Posted: Wed Jun 09, 2021 8:57 pm
by ispjstfu

Late bump, but did you ever figure this out?