Help with understanding the abreviations

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Help with understanding the abreviations

Postby wik980 Thu Aug 03, 2023 1:26 pm

Hey , like the tittle says i want to know what is ESC , BLM , BLE , DRV

I'm planning to downgrade the BLE of my controller which is ver. 3.2 and BLE 157 to flash custom firmware on it because i have 20km/h limit becouse of the region in which was bought. The thing is that i don't understand those abreviations and what they mean , i already have some experience in electronics so it will be no problem to flash it via ST-Link (anyway i did not buyed it yeet soo i'm open to model propositions). If somebody can also tell me if it's possible at the moment to flash anything in the board 3.2 using the ST-Link.

Any links for the programs , videotutorials and other guides are welcome :)

Thanks , greetings from poland

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