KERS and autobreaking at MAX set speed

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KERS and autobreaking at MAX set speed

Postby voidcore Sun Apr 19, 2020 12:51 pm

Just to tip my hat first to you guys, thanks for the tools and info 👍

So ive been flashing my M365 a couple of times now trying differnt combos using Xiaomi Mijia M365 Custom Firmware Toolkit from here.
My problem is a do run into the autobreaking on all settings.

So ive tried to set kers to 40 and over, i still get autobreaking when going downhill or even at small decline with accel at max, question here is is it possible to set it over 40km/h will the setting register at all or is 40 max and it will be set to off even for higher speeds?

Ive also set Normal max speed: from 45-60 as this also affect autobreaking(?) or is this just to give current when accelreating?
As i can feel the scooter still giving current and then applying autobreak, which is annoying as i feel it wants to go faster.

I did read the notice about KERS being needed and too strong current when braking hard from higher speed might be bad, possible to set max recuperation from KERS only when breaking with lever somewhere or does it just give to the battery what it gets no questions asked?
Having a look at the tool i see this new setting and im guessing "brake lever params" is for this?

Also is possible to have KERS on a curve perhaps? from light to stronger depending on breakingtime? So you just dont get the unsafe "Im stopping now dont care you are not ready"-thing :)

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