Seek help from the managers

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Seek help from the managers

Postby shizhen.yang Thu Mar 04, 2021 4:55 am

I want to ask the manager of for help!!!!!!!!
thank you in advance!!!

my situation:
XIAOMI 1S (downgraded);
Current firmware version: DRV221;
CFW from XIAOMI M365;
The downgrade app uses M365 DOWNG V27.

I still have some confusion. After downgrading to the DRV221 version with M365 DOWNG V27, I conducted two no-load tests and one riding test.
The following are the test results of MODE SPORT:
1) No load
20℃; SOC60%: 27kph
20℃; SOC72%: 28kph
2) 80kg riding:
No slope; -3℃; SOC100%: 26kph

1) Is the maximum current of my customized CFW under MODE SPORT too small, causing insufficient power when riding with a load of 80kg? But if the reason is so, it shouldn't be that the test result of no-load speed at 20℃ is only 27-28kph.
2) When setting the maximum current of MODE SPORT, I calculated the preset current and the corresponding speed, and found that the preset speeds of 18, 21, 25kph of the three modes correspond to the preset currents of 8, 14, 22A respectively ( Refer to the XIAOMI M365 1S customization page of <>-currently unavailable).
Therefore, according to this calculation, if the maximum speed of 30kph is expected, the maximum current should be set to 32A. But even in the no-load test I conducted, the speed did not reach 30kph.

I hope someone from can answer my confusion or reopen the XIAOMI M365 1S customization page, let me set a higher maximum current and generate a customized firmware to test whether my idea is correct.

My DRV221 configuration parameters:
-Version: DRV221
-Max speed
EU: 35 km/h
DE: 35 km/h
Drive (DE): 35 km/h
-Max current
Sports: 32.0A
Drive: 19.0A
Eco: 8.0A
-Throttle current raising coefficient: 300
-Brake lever params:
Lever virtual limit: 115
Min phase current: 8.0A
Max phase current: 55.0A
-Cruise control delay: 10 seconds
-Motor start speed: 1.0 km/h
-Brake current raising coefficient: 500
-Wheel size: 8.5 inches
-Brake light mode: stock
-Brake light flash frequency: 235
-Remove charging mode
-No overspeed limit & alarm
-Error raising level 1
-Stay on when scooter is locked
-Version spoofing

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