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External Battery to increase range

Posted: Tue Jul 27, 2021 4:56 am
by Igletdatard
I have a Xiaomi 1S 36V. Of course I would like more speed but more importantly I need range. I was thinking of buying the Rita mod and adding an external battery. Money is tight, I have obtained 20 Lithium Ion LG INR18650 MH1 3200mAh 10A cells, each cell is 3.6V. The obvious battery configuration is 10x2. The problem is that will produce a long battery and placement would most likely have to run vertical up the front stem. I think this would impact handling, ideally I would like to place external battery at base of stem and deck. For the battery to fit nicely I think the battery would need to be more squarish than a long rectangle. I'm just barely understanding battery building but is there another way I could configure the battery where it would still be 36V but meet the dimensions I desire?

The other thought is if the battery was 5x4 , that would equal an output of 18V with an increase in capacity???yeah?? If that battery was hooked up as the external battery using the Rita mod, how would that work?? Would it work at all?? And is there a better idea I could do using the 20 cells.

Re: External Battery to increase range

Posted: Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:19 pm
by misiozol
if you have no idea what you doing its not good idea to create li-ion battery as they are very volitile and NEED bms protection, better to create custom battery by adding one additional cell to pack in base, this way you dont need additional BMS/protection