Kingsong X1 (rebrand ewheels E2S V2)

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Kingsong X1 (rebrand ewheels E2S V2)

Postby johannes@ Fri May 21, 2021 10:50 pm

hello new on this forum.
i have search for a way to remove the speedlimit of 22km/h om my escooter. It's another copy of the ninebot. The scooter is bought from with the abillity to select if u want it unrestricted (30km/h) or restricted (22km/h). I bought it from a fella that sold it half price after a test drive.
The company will not remove speedlimit afterwards. I've have seen you can flash the ninbot but can not find info anywere on the kingsong x1.

current firmware is V1.10
battery looking to lack bms only 2 small wiers besides the supply cables
screen holds a spedometer 4 led's for battery status and one green and red led for mod eco or mode sport and bluetoot card board size is same as xiaomi m365. controller is a lokalike too but difrent layout on card.

Can anyone help me with what to do can i swap electonics to xiaomi m365 pro and do i need to mount bms on my battery then or is there a way to flash my scooter with original parts.
Best regards johannes... sory for long txt
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Re: Kingsong X1 (rebrand ewheels E2S V2)

Postby dannylopez Thu Dec 09, 2021 7:10 pm

Wondering if u have found some more info regarding this. There are so little information about the Kingsong X1's and E-Wheels are not exactly forthcoming when approached.

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