How to recover a failed flash?

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How to recover a failed flash?

Postby SysGhost Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:03 am

The usual business. I was out scooting around. Using the cfw site to make a firmware with a slighly improved power setting patched in.

I used the android app ESdowng to flash it. (done it before successfully)
During update something hanged, and the flash failed after multiple retries at 3%.

Now the scooter sits in a permanently locked state. Can connect, but cannot retrieve any version information at all.
Scooter cannot be turned off either.

How do I recover?

EDIT (a few hours later)

A full power cycle was required to get it back to a functional state. But that was a real PITA, as I hat to disassemble the scooter, pull the internals out and depart the internal battery from the motor controller. Then discharge the large capacitor with a 100 omh resistor. Only then it would start up normally again.

So I was at it again. Same thing. it completely hangs in a locked state at the first 3% with ESDowng android app (latest af of this date)
To get back on track I had to repeat the power reset as described above.
Weird, as I was successfully able to flash it once before, but now it seems impossible.
Any ideas what's going on?

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