Installing G30 Folding Mechanism

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Installing G30 Folding Mechanism

Postby kiki626 Wed Jan 22, 2020 8:35 pm

You'll need:
1. A bicycle star nut ( ... UTF8&psc=1)
2. A Max G30 Folding stand pipe (it comes with two bolts, two lock washers, and a washer)
3. Heavy duty torx bits
4. A dremel , hack saw, or grinding wheel
5. WD40
6. Two M6 1.0 x30mm bolts - I got mine at home depot ... G_3747.jpg
6. Optional ( 2x Ninebot G30 dual cable grommets) like the photo below.

1. Remove the assembly securing the brake cable (2 bolts on top and 2 bolts on bottom holding the cable).

2. Remove the brake cable by unscrewing the small bolt, then the large bolt, then remove the spring, and finally remove the bolt holding the brake cable to the drum.

3. Remove the brake cable from the brake lever by unscrewing the bolt, holding the brake lever down, and removing the end of the cable.

4. Remove the large bolts holding the large clamp on the neck of the scooter. Be careful not to strip the heads because if you do, you'll need to cut them with a dremel. IF you cut them with a dremel be careful around pets because the bolts break loose and shoot out at like 100mph.

5. Remove the torx bolt on the neck of the scooter facing the front

6. Remove the 6 screws at the top of the pole and set them aside. Separate the pole from the handlebars.

7. Remove the brake cable by removing the grommets and pulling it out of the tube.

8. Remove the steering tube, you'll find that it looks like this:

9. Separate the outer aluminum pipe from the inner steering tube by spraying WD40 on the top and letting it soak for a while. Rock the tube back and forth while pulling up to remove it. It may take a bit of movement or hits with a small hammer to break it loose , wear gloves it will save your hands.

10. Measure the neck of the folding mechanism and cut off the unused portion of the steering tube. The clamp should be able to fit over the tube and reach the top of the fork assembly.Image

11. Hammer the star nut down the steering tube. It helped to compress the star nut slightly with vice grips so it could fit into the tube better, don't compress it too much though you need it to stay in place.

12. Install the folding stand pipe by placing the clamp over the steering tube, use on of the M6 30mm bolts and the washer that came with the stand pipe and install it in the center of the folding mechanism (It will screw into the star nut). Before you tighten it all the way make sure your wheel is correctly aligned with the folding mech. Tighten the bolt and make sure the star nut didn't pop out. Once you're satisfied things are lined up and tight you can tighten the two bolts on the folding mechanism clamp which will clamp the folding mechanism onto the steering tube.

13. Drill a hole in the neck of the scooter large enough so you can pull the dashboard wire through. The dashboard wire gets routed outside the folding mechanism like the photo below.

14. Pull the dashboard wire out of the steering tube from the bottom, then carefully route it up through the hole you drilled in the neck of the scooter.

15. Route the dashboard wire UP through, and brake cable DOWN through the slots in the folding pole like shown in the picture. Make sure to leave enough slack so the scooter can fold.

16. Install the dual cable grommets in the folding tube.

17. Reinstall the brake cable hardware.

18. Adjust drum brake cable and brake lever

19. Test folding

20. Yours should look like this:
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Re: Installing G30 Folding Mechanism

Postby fivefingerdiscount Mon Feb 03, 2020 4:06 am

Max G30 Folding stand pipe is 100$-170$. is there a way to use the old pipe. for that much I might as well buy a brand new clone.
can we just order the locking in the bottom part and be done with it.
I paid for dis shyt!
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Re: Installing G30 Folding Mechanism

Postby CapnBio Sun Mar 01, 2020 4:01 pm

So, there is a much much easier way of doing this, I also converted my scooter to a folding one as well, I actually have a 3d printer, printed a collar in about 3 hours, I just smashed it right in on a tight fit.


It really works well, I don't have to do anything extra, it's just a higher handle, but I am 5' 9" so it kind of helps.

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