Ninebot Max 72V battery

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Ninebot Max 72V battery

Postby rasmus14 Sat Apr 17, 2021 7:51 pm

Hello, i was wondering if i could connect and extra 36V battery to my ninebot max scooter... but first i need to know what the controller can withstand. how much voltage and ampere can the ninebot max controller withstand?

and can i really use two 36V batteries and get 72 volts and use the scooter?

picture on the controller:
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Re: Ninebot Max 72V battery

Postby CapnBio Wed May 12, 2021 8:19 pm

As far as I am aware from experience from others, 72 volts might be "overkill" for the ESC (motherboard) I am not 100% sure on that so don't quote me on it. This is something I have thought of doing as well but I don't want to spend the $100+ for a new board. Someone in the forum was able to get a 50-ish V (I think 54 or 56 volts) to make your scooter go about 30-ish MPH or 48-ish KM/H. This is all just experimenting on all this and it is all at your discretion.
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Re: Ninebot Max 72V battery

Postby Daif21 Fri May 28, 2021 11:15 am

I have been running a 20s6p for some while on the g30d.
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Re: Ninebot Max 72V battery

Postby Sharts N Sparks Thu Jul 15, 2021 2:13 pm
Contrary to popular belief. 😎
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Re: Ninebot Max 72V battery

Postby Bdmedicine13 Sun Jul 25, 2021 8:42 am

I ran a Max with 2 standard, BMS bypassed Max batteries for 8 months with no failures. And I was running it hard from Washington, DC to Virginia on a regular basis. Once even through a tropical storm. I chopped up a Max deck so that it sat atop the original deck. Each battery had its own charger at 36v, and was wired in series to total 72v. I have pictures and videos, one with it pulling a bike trailer at more than 45 mph. The control board requires an additional identical capacitor in parallel so you don't pop the original one right from the get. Oh yeah, and a motor swap from a Jump scooter. Can't really find those any more, sucks. I've also ran a personally built 72v battery that fit in the stock deck, but the amps from two stock batteries in series still is my high water-mark for brute power. Nicknamed Fat Double-stack. If you want fast, the two battery combo deal is hard to beat. Hard to hide the weight gain, though. She was faster than the speedo could manage. Would usually lock up(the speedo, not the scooter)
around 80 or so kmh, but you get the point.

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