Max speed unlock for Sencor Scooter One

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Max speed unlock for Sencor Scooter One

Postby Ondras4620 Fri Apr 01, 2022 1:45 pm

Hello, i've been trying this the time i got my scooter, it was on christmas 2021 and its price was +- 240£ so i dont expect much,
so far i did:

-Open scooter for hardwire (unsuccessful)
-Google for max speed removal (unsuccessful)
-View YouTube for tutorials just in case (unsuccessful)
-Tried finding any external public software/firmware to flash it with (unsuccessful)
-Asked on facebook (and they got me here)

So iam attaching pictures and if anyone would know exactly what to do or at least some tips let me know if i would not respond just write me on discord: Clay#9594

Thanks everyone!

pictures V ... vscn6-5ypY ... 4YWxITADJI ... DIUEr3E-o8 ... NjZKeztDNk

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