NIU MQI GT Evo - service manual, and/or charger help?

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NIU MQI GT Evo - service manual, and/or charger help?

Postby csammis Wed Jun 01, 2022 9:12 pm

Hi all -

I just bought a MQI GT Evo and am having some difficulty finding out any information about it that isn't in the manual (not surprising!). Does anyone have any thoughts on where I could find a service manual?

Related: could anyone help me out with understanding the LED color codes on the battery charger? I think it's the same as the MQI GT charger (part # PLD1000-EVCN16-86) but I'm not certain about that. Connected to 120V mains it just...blinks green. It does not change behavior when a battery is connected either directly or through the scooter's charging port. I'm thinking that for whatever reason the charger isn't detecting that a battery has been attached. I probed the charger output +12V and -12V with a multimeter and got a very erratic reading...might be a PWM signal but I haven't hooked up a scope. I don't want to go poking at it too much considering it's brand new and not cheap :)

Thanks in advance!
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