Ninebot ES2 Hall sensor replacement

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Ninebot ES2 Hall sensor replacement

Postby Janos Fri Jul 22, 2022 9:49 pm

I try to repair my friend's ES2.
It seems that the middle Hall sensor from the motor is in short to the GND.
Although his legs had a different color insulator, i did not pay attention to it and replaced with SS41
Well... it doesn't work. While removing the sensor i damaged the case and now i cannot read properly the marking, but seems to be N41, while the others are marked clearly S41.
I started reading and here I got he confirmation that on this board the middle sensor is different and can be replaced with a SS41 turned backwards and side legs crossed.
I China i found the correct replacement board but shipping takes forever.
Can anybody tell me what is correct replacement type for the middle (center) sensor?

Thanks in advance!

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